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Discussion in 'Support' started by Dean13, Aug 27, 2015.

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      First post here, just looking for anyone with similar experience. I have very slight hearing loss in my right ear, and a little bit worse in my left ear, along with the Tinnitus in just my left ear. I have to make an appointment for an MRI now and of course have googled and found the term "Acoustic Neuroma", which has freaked me out. No dizziness or vertigo that I notice. I realize it's rare, 1 in 1,000,000 I think in the general population. But how rare is it in people with Tinnitus in one ear?

      Honestly, I could live with the T the way it is now, I barely noticed it when I was busy, wasn't really worried at all, then I had to go and google the symptoms and started to freak out. Then the ENT recommended the MRI and that worried me more.

      Anyone with similar experince?

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      If it's hearing loss and T that make you think you have neuroma, you can reassure yourself, it's not because of this that you have a tumor!

      Internet is really bad for this : making you think that you have something horribly wrong.

      As you said you have no vertigo or dizziness.

      Did your ENT explained why he wanted an MRI for you?
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      Not really, just said there were some things that needed to be ruled out. I probably should have asked more questions, but was not really thinking anything of it at the time.
    4. What other tests were done? Do you have any more specifics on the degree of hearing loss and the difference between ears? Do you have copies of the test results? If not, if I were you, I would get a copy for your records. You shouldn't need an appointment for that though they might charge a copying fee.

      It is my understanding, as you said, that AN is rare to begin with. Additionally, it is more likely to be a concern when there is a significant difference in hearing between ears - and there isn't some other explanation for that difference.

      I understand getting home after an appointment and wishing you had asked more questions. It might be worth attempting to ask why the MRI is being recommended. In my opinion, you have the right to know what makes the ENT think the MRI is necessary. (Particularly if there is a big out-of-pocket cost.)

      You may have found it already, but this site has a lot of information. It might help with the questions you want to ask - particularly regarding MRIs because that site discusses a specific type as being the "gold standard" for diagnosis.

      Good luck!
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      Thanks for the link, I actually had not found it yet and it did provide some info on the MRI. However, most of that page was not conducive to calming me down. :eek:

      Had my hearing tested, my hearing loss is pretty significant between left and right at the higher frequencies, otherwise pretty similar. I really don't notice much difference day to day. As far as an explanation for the loss, no idea. Lots of headphone use(constantly being told it was too loud), some concerts, mowing the lawn, never wearing ear plugs, what my GP thought was a small ear infection a few months ago when the T started.

      Anyway, I was under the impression that an MRI was pretty normal for unilateral tinnitus, just kind of due diligence. Anyone else have unilateral T, need an MRI, and not have a neuroma? There must be other possible causes?
    6. Hope the inform wasn't too discomforting. There's some positive stuff in there about the rarity of AN, and the MRI stuff might be helpful. It seems like a generally good site for information.

      I think the difference in hearing at the high frequencies is probably the reason for the test. Obviously the ENT could say for sure.

      In my opinion, you are exactly right that this is due diligence. An AN is very unlikely, but it must still be ruled out. Hence the test.
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      It was definitely informative and I do appreciate the link. Just can't help myself and concentrate on the scary stuff rather than the positive stuff.
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      Whenever somebody goes to an ent with T in just one ear they usually do an MRI or CT scan. It's routine. They gave me one and found nothing. I'm sure you'll be ok. Many people on here only have T in one ear or worse than the other ear. AN is rare but just needs to be ruled out.
    9. Dean13

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      Thanks for the responses, I'm sure it'll be fine also, just tend to let my mind wander to the worst possible outcome.

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