Noise-Induced, but Have It Only When There Is Noise

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Norman, Sep 11, 2016.

    1. Norman

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      Had T for about 2 years now. It is clearly noise induced, but occurs ONLY when there is external noise - anyone talking (including myself), vehicles, thunder, lawnmowers - most anything. If I am in a quite room for 10 minutes or so, it goes away. I love waking up - it is quiet - so there is no T, no fullness, no hum or buzz in my head. As the noise of the day occurs, the hum develops. It is primarily in my right ear, but with a lot of noise it can seem to be in both. I take breaks by going into a quiet room - and it goes away. When I return to 'real life' and the noise, it comes back.

      Anyone else experience this? I can't locate anything like this on the internet. Thanks.
    2. gotyoubynuts

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      T that you can only hear when there's noise around you?

      What can cause that?
    3. Kazue

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      Yes, I have this too. My tinnitus gets loud when I listen to music or hear something loud. How are you dealing with it? I'm sure my tinnitus is caused by taking a lot of Advil and blasting my music over the years.
    4. Jason C

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      Burgler Alarm
      Yea I'm the same, Most mornings I wake up and its quiet, if I try to listen to music it just sounds wrong and I can hear the buzz and ting of tinnitus, I think it comes from damaged hair cells as they get stimulated they cannot hold the electrical charge and just dump the charge.
      When I am in silence I can actually hear things calming down. Strangest thing ever, I miss my music, I would come home from work and listen to music, Guns n Roses, Marilyn Manson etc, not at big volume but enough to get absorbed, now it all just sounds like broken biscuits.
    5. PJ5000

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      Unknown but doctor says possible multiple ear infections
      New to this forum. I started hearing a rattling/vibration noise (like the sound a blown car speaker makes) in July of last year. It was after a long flight. My ear hurt somewhat and went to the doctor. She treated me for ear infection but it got worse instead of better. The pain did go away but not the vibration/rattling. My doctor sent me to ENT and after tests were done I was told my tinnitus is permanent and could not be cureed. I got a second opinion and was told same thing. I only really have it when I talk or loud noises? But I too can be in a quiet room and it doesn’t bother me as much. If I speak in a very soft voice it’s not as bad, same if the tv or music or whatever isn’t to loud. Does this sound like what you have Norman?
    6. Rajin

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      Hearing loss ,noise
      Me too when I go to bed is most quiet for me , there but mild . During the day is worse especially when I driving.

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