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Discussion in 'Support' started by josh77, Apr 18, 2016.

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      Hey Guys,

      I'm trying to figure out if anything else caused my tinnitus. Here is the timeline:

      - The loud concerts that caused my tinnitus were in July
      - I noticed ringing that night but not much the next day
      - the next couple months I noticed it a bit when going to bed but that was the only time
      - sometime around mid Novemember it became what I feel is a severe case in that if affects my daily life and in every way.

      Here is the question:
      Is it normal for tinnitus cause by a single event to continues to get worse over several months?

      additional info:
      It went from a very low ring that didn't bother me much to a very loud ring that kept from from being able to sleep. Just wonder if something else during those months made it worse or if it was going that way no matter what. I did have some dental work during that time. (There was no more exposure to loud noise after the concert in July)
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      not known, too many possible causes
      That dental drilling noise could be counted as another noise exposure for your not healed yet ears.
      If the dentist worked at a back molar and you stayed with your mouth open in an incomfortable position, you may have gotten somatic/TMJ T.
      There are threads about this kind of T on the forum.
      Do you have somatic T? If you push your lower jaw forward or turn your neck or open wide your mouth do you get another sound, which is louder while you make those moves?
      No, I do not think that is normal. Definitely your auditory system was bothered by something else. Sometimes stress causes T or worsens a pre-existing T. Were you stressed before the T got louder?
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      acoustic trauma
      With noise induced tinnitus it's not unusual that the pitch and tone as well as the loudness of the tinnitus can drastically change even a few months after the acoustic trauma. I had the exact same thing and I have heard of lots of other cases. So I would say that the dental work is not necessarily why the T has gotten worse. It could totally still be from the one loud concert - as I said I had the exact same thing happen to me with the difference that my T fortunately doesn't seem to be as loud as yours.
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    4. heartohelp

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      Loud noise exposure
      Hey Josh,

      My T started from just one night at a club... standing next to speakers for hours is the culprit that led me to noise induced tinnitus. However, I agree with Dana, that the drilling or dental equipment from your dental work is/might be another reason your T became louder. When you initially got your T, you said you heard it only in the night. Knowing how your T did indeed become louder after dental work, I'm thinking your ears were still in the healing phase where they are more sensitive and prone to additional damage. I would suggest from this point forward, you give your ears all the rest they need. I wouldn't turn up music while in your car to even medium range, and also would avoid any loud sounds, including firecrackers, ambulance/fire sirens and headphones. Keep your head up, and let us know how you are progressing.

      And in regards to your question: we are on the same boat that we got T from 1 exposure; my answer to your second part is if T gets worse with months is: we don't know enough of your background and routine to diagnose or submit feedback, BUT in my case, my T resolved over time (you can read my previous posts). I did that by remaining positive, running and exercising more, and watching my diet as well as meditating and learning relaxation techniques. Let me know if you want any more information.

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      December 2nd, 2015
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      Acoustic trauma (loud concert for 1h)

      Hi Josh!

      I got T from a concert as well back in Dec last year. Over the months after that, I noticed that the T was getting louder than at the onset. From what I have understood, not saying it is true for your case or mine, that the broken hair cells that got damaged due to the loud noise die over time. Some died directly due to the noise exposure, while other might die off over the coming weeks, months etc. Some cells might be able to repair themselves and some might now. So it could be an explanation for why the T seems to have gotten louder. This is also why many members suggest that you stay away from further exposure to let the ear rest and prevent further damage. My T is louder now, but I have learned to live with it. It was not something that happened overnight so you sort of ease into it. I have avoided loud places and use ear plugs in the subway or if I find myself in noisy places. Of course, you cannot avoid scares but you can do what you can do avoid it. I also notice that my T goes up with my jaw is really tense or if I have slept on one side of the face.

      Feel free to PM me if you have questions :)
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