Now My Sister Has Tinnitus As Well — Coincidence?

Discussion in 'Support' started by worriedd, Jun 14, 2016.

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      Fluid, from a cold. No noise damage or infection.
      So my sister has developed tinnitus ten weeks after I developed mine. However, ours have very different causes. Mine is due to a cold, with fluid that is VERY slowly going. Her's is due to ear wax which seems to have caused an ear infection. Its odd that we've developed it at such similar times, even though she is 6 years older and we don't live together. The only link I can think of is that our Eustachian tubes are very small? I think a little bit of karma may be involved as after I developed this she had no sympathy and enjoyed raising her voice near me. She now realised how cruel she was being

      Update on my own tinnitus - some improvement after taking magnesium (most likely placebo effect) however, worse after a crazy big noise bleed, which I almost went to A&E for. Going to see a tinnitus nurse tomorrow, I'll tell you guys how I get along.
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      Verapamil, Flecainide, Apixaban, stress
      I think T runs in families. My mother has it, two of my brothers have it, my 15 year old daughter has it :unsure:. Oh, and my husband has it but his is due to an exploding gastank in a confined space with his head in there (more than 20 years ago). They have all habituated. So had I, until my T volume got turned up to 10 all over sudden.

      I am the prize winner. :(

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