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Discussion in 'Support' started by 3ri0w, Aug 4, 2016.

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      I cannot stay anywhere, it's too loud everywhere

      In my home apartment I can hear all the neighbours and there is this construction site across the street.. That's why i've tried to stay at my parents house, but neighbors have barking dogs etc
      ground hum everywhere, freezer emitting this piercing sound

      When i try to plug my ears with ear plugs I can just hear the noise in my head louder..

      Can't study, school is too loud, my concentration is near zero even if it was quiet tho

      I cannot travel, I would like to visit my relatives 500 miles away but I cannot travel for the fear of sound :( they are always asking when I'll be back but I cannot say that I think I won't be for a while

      I tried to bear all the sounds and 'get used to it' as they say... I've read it would not be healthy to use earplugs all the time but I feel all this tolerating noises has just made by health deteriorate

      Just staying inside every day and waiting for the night time (that's when it is the quietest)
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      it sounds to me like you're dealing with some amount of hyperacusis, on top of tinnitus? That's rough; in general when environmental sounds are making me stressed I just wear earplugs, but that only works because I don't (usually) get too stressed about the sound of my tinnitus with plugs in.

      Anyway, it sounds like you're dealing with serious psychological complications of your physical issues; what is your psychological support system like You probably need lots of empathy, and someone skilled in CBT type things might not be a bad idea, either...
      Well yes, this is very normal, and many people who would not say they have tinnitus will hear something when they plug their ears. So, yeah, if you cut the sound of the world by 30db, it's going to make your tinnitus seem 30db louder, but that doesn't necessarily have to be anxiogenic. I sleep with earplugs in pretty regularly. Took me some years to figure out how to do that, though...
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      Wow I was thinking of u when I made this thread :p
      Had not thought about the decibel thing that way..maybe I'm just nervous because of the lack of sleep....
      Yea i feel you about the empathy thing..used to have a girl who provided me that but I think my constant whining sucked the energy out of her so she left...

      I went to CBT last year..or so I thought..took me a while to realize it was just a psychologist I went to...gotta try Real CBT some day lol

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