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      I'm 5'3 and 230 lbs. It's the heaviest I've ever been. My eating habits are terrible. I eat a lot of sweet and salty foods. I'm addicted to food because it makes me feel good but I think my health will be affected. Can obesity also cause tinnitus?
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      i dont think so, but its a factor to make things worse (health)
      doesnt sweets and salt spike your tinnitus? :O
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      Yes I do notice it spikes. Also when my blood pressure is high.
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      Blood pressure can definitely affect tinnitus. My dad he would only really notice his tinnitus when his blood pressure was high.

      Start exercising and eating better, it will make an incredible difference in every possible way.

      Don't hesitate or overthink it, go out to your closest gym and sign up. If you have problems with motivation, I would entertain the idea of using a personal trainer. Otherwise make sure you're exercising 4-5 times a week - run, walk, lift weights, ride a bike (or do spin class at a gym), swim - find something you enjoy and get good at it.

      If you're struggling with a legitimate food addiction, then I would probably advise that you seek the help of mental heath practitioner that might be able to help you, I would think something like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) would be useful for treating something like that but don't really have too much information in that regard. Build a support system that will help you avoid binge eating, whether that is confiding in friends, family or a professional. I'm sure you could probably find social groups who deal with the very subject also.

      Good luck! Never too late or too hard to start living a healthier lifestyle, you just need to start.
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