Michael Leigh
Feb 4, 2014
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Brighton, UK

Michael Leigh

Member, Male, from Brighton, UK

Sound machine Jan 29, 2017

    1. Michael Leigh
      Michael Leigh
      Sound machine
    2. iftah
      Hi Michael -
      sawyour post about the sound therapy - and about using it at night to reduce H - can you recommend a specific machine or device? what is the most simple way to do it? do I need to listen to it with headphones?

      thank you
    3. GGG-DG
      Hello. Thank you for all your help in this forum. I was reading some of your messages but couldn't find a way to private message you. I was reading your thread about headphones and not using them for listening to music. I was just wondering about your opinion on using headphones for talking. I'm on my cell a lot, do you think headphones are OK for taking on the cellphone? Thanks!!
      1. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        HI. Thank you for your kind words. I have sent you a message by starting a conversation as my reply is too long for this comment box so I will make this brief: If you use your cell phone a lot, I recommend you use "Hands free" and not use a headphone. Hope this helps. Michael
        Sep 14, 2016
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