OK to Take Loratadine?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jamie, Jul 26, 2016.

    1. Jamie

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      1989 Ear Infection 2015 Coming off Benzo

      Have a head cold, third one this year, this time me right ear is blocked and I can't clear it.

      I'm worried I will get an ear infection, I went to see and urgent doctor who has given me an Otrivin nasel spray and an anti histamine Loratadine 10mg twice a day.

      I've taken the nasel spary as I have used it before with no effect but serching online I see the Loratadine can have an effect on T.

      Anybody else had any issues??
    2. gotyoubynuts

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      Loratadine's brand name is "Claritin" and I've been prescribed it before. My ear doctor told it's safe with tinnitus and I think it is too

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