Okey, so, what to do now?

Discussion in 'Support' started by meeruf, Sep 14, 2013.

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      Okey, so I had a hearing loss. It's been almost three weeks, and I can't say I'm optimistic.

      My situation right now is that my tinnitus goes to almost complete stop if I'm in complete silent. Right now I'm just playing a very low masking sound, and I cannot hear my tinnitus. Or at least, just very faint in the background.

      However, if I take of my headphones, go out, hear traffic, speak, have sex, eat, or do anything at all. My tinnitus goes through the roof in the right ear.

      This is very bad, because I'm isolating myself more and more. If this continue I will loose all my friends in the end. I can't do anything. I'm just staring at the wall.

      I have been back at work the last to days, but it was just a nightmare. My tinnitus went through the roof and got really dizzy.
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      Hi Meeruf, read this thread " Not new to T, but new for me and not coping "
      Plenty of good information, suggestions and help ! Best wishes.
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      you say your -- Isolating yourself, loosing friends, I can't do anything,,,Oh bs.

      Your probably a much stronger, tougher person than you think,,,,, just the photo alone says it. You'll be rocking again. I've have my suffering T for 6 months now. I made a decision, and that was to live my life, sounds crazy, I wasn’t going let that T beat me. Maybe it's just nerves in our head, I going to read up it. Just trying you show some support.

      At least you get some relief, can you sleep?
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      Do you think the dizzy spells are from anxiety or something else? If it could be something else, it might be worth getting a second opinion from an ENT. If it is anxiety, perhaps locating a therapist who can work with you to find medication to help you get through the next few weeks. Make sure you are getting good sleep and rest. Exercise has helped calm me and improve my mood.

      I see you also mentioned you were on 60 mg prednisone and they helped your hearing loss. Know that they can also make you feel depressed and anxious and that may have something to do with the anxiety you experienced. It took a few days after stopping them for me to be back to myself.

      I know what you mean about work being stressful now. I am sensitive to noise now and work near a construction site. The sounds are not dangerously loud but they are constant and give me anxiety. I listen to white noise apps, or work in a different area when I can or take lots of short breaks. I wear earplugs in really loud environments like the subway, and sleep with a fan. Making little changes to deal with it and some big ones (like not going out to noisy places).

      I am new to tinnitus (had it for a month) but am starting to see you need to be patient. Sometimes I still get upset (particularly about the noise sensitivity) but I can say that I've calmed down a lot in the last couple weeks so give yourself time. I believe there will be better days ahead for us.

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