One-Sided Tinnitus, Headaches, Vision Problems and More After Car Accident

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      Over a year
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Not sure yet but a car accident maybe a factor
      Hello there, I’m new here and hope I can find some feedback and support. I have not found many sites/forums with many active members to chat with. So here goes!

      i was in a car accident a couple years ago, unsure yet if it’s connected to my tinnitus but hoping to find out soon! Shortly after the accident I experienced the obvious headaches, a bit of ear ringing and back problems that still exist today.

      About a year after the accident one ear began to ring, eventually getting louder. Progressively I noticed the headaches became even more frequent on the side the ringing is on, periodically alternating sides, typically felt around the back of my ear, partially to the front of my head. My eyes began feeling fuzzy most the time, concentrating has become difficult and just a general feeling in my head that’s wonky and difficult to describe. Sleep has also become difficult sometimes and overall daily life can be frustrating with day to day functions.

      Got referred to an ENT. It took months to see him and after a quick evaluation I was told a thorough hearing test would be done and it may be car accident related. Also that if the hearing test is normal, they would likely do an MRI. Well they never called back, they don’t answer the phone nor take messages. The answering machine message continuously changes for reasons they are unable to take new appointments such as medical leave, vacations etc so I’ve reached back out to my family doctor and was hoping in the midst of my waiting, I could get some feedback and experiences from others to help ease my mind and maybe shed some light on what may be happening, of course taking none as medical advice... just looking for support.

      I’ll try to make the rest as brief as possible. So the tinnitus has been in my right ear for over a year along with the other symptoms I mentioned above. Lately I’ve felt a little sound sensitivity as well and a dull feeling of pressure or something like that, can’t quite put my finger on the feeling. Back of neck is often tense, sides of neck often feel puffy a bit. I'm getting tests done to check thyroid and some other possible health issues. Also, if I put my finger in the ear and wiggle a bit, I can feel some movement on one side of the entrance part of my ear that clicks but the other ear does not do this. Hope I explained that ok!

      Last March my nose became frequently congested, not sure if it has any relation but upon looking as best I can and visiting a walk in clinic, I was briefly told Eustachian tube dysfunction, and given sprays that don't help much. From what I can see inside my nose, the turbinates are possibly enlarged but I also have this tear drop looking thing in each nostril that appears to be swollen or have a swelling bump on it so I’m often sniffly. Sometimes I also wake up and my right eye feels a little puffy. Not sure if it is related but it began happening right after I saw the ENT.

      My jaw also clicks, has for years but lately it can click louder sometimes and sound metallic. I’ve heard tinnitus related to TMJ is a possibility but given all my circumstances, I have no idea until I’m further looked at.

      I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten to mention anything but I hope I can get some feedback/experience and support in the meantime!

      Thank you kindly everyone, I look forward to chatting!
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