Panic Attacks Cause Hearing Loss, New Tinnitus Tones and Spikes?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lauren Morse, Feb 19, 2016.

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      I was enjoying the best day of my life for over a month yesterday evening. Both my ears had healed completely (no more ringing, dullness, or full feeling), and I was able to go to (some) public places without earplugs for the first time in eons. It was like the day I felt would never come.
      But it did not last even through the end of the day..I went to see some film screenings for a class, and there was intense strobing and very intense and shifting colors (volume was loud-ish too, but I was totally safe with earplugs in). Half an hour later I got a moderate, spontaneous panic attack (nearly throwing up, heart palpitations) which may have resulted from the strobing.

      The tinnitus did have a spike in both ears, initially, but this seemed normal and occurred at tones already there; I knew it was all the cortisol in my bloodstream aggravating my nervous system. I then went to bed with the ringing, only to wake up at 5 am with new, loud ringing tones, bad hyperacusis, moderate vertigo, and a small amount of hearing loss in the left ear. The day after it actually heals for once.

      Has anyone experienced this symptom before from panic attacks, and is this hearing loss and new T likely to be permanent? Are there supplements I can take to stop the T and hearing loss (or anxiety supplements)? I have had other panic attacks, frequently during my existing ear issues, but have never lost some hearing or had new T because of it.

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