Pastor Mentions Tinnitus During Sermon

Discussion in 'Support' started by dochoppy, Jan 27, 2016.

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      So I was made aware that Pastor Craig Groeschel of the Oklahoma based church called LifeChurch mentioned tinnitus during his sermon entitled Break Me. He mentions it about half way through the sermon, one of his friends has developed severe tinnitus and is suffering and he discuss it for a short time. LifeChurch has a weekly attendance of over 40,000 people so this is some excellent publicity for tinnitus and I am sure a lot of prayers for tinnitus are coming our way. You can watch the message just go to life church website and go to watch on demand, then go to Dangerous Prayers, then go to #2 in the series Break Me.
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      Here's the link. I scrubbed the timeline searching for the tinnitus reference but gave up after about 5 minutes. If anyone wants to sit through it and find the exact spot, that would be great.
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      I could not fast forward the video,maybe because I was on my cell. I found the same video on Youtube. Starts around 21:30

      Dangerous Prayers: Part 2 - "Break...

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