Patreon Co-Founder Jack Conte Claims His Tinnitus "Went Away"

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dave555, Nov 19, 2019.

    1. Dave555

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      Power tools
      Good evening. I just saw an interesting video on YouTube where Jack Conte, Patreon co-founder, claimed his tinnitus went away as a result of a 1 month 10k step challenge. I apologize for the giant thumbnail this creates, but here is where he makes that claim, after the 12 minute mark:

      We Tried Getting 10000 Steps Every Day for a...
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    2. JohnAdams

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      May 1st 2018
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      It happens. So who knows?
    3. Rb86

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      I admittedly just went to the claim at the 12 minute mark, but I don't see any causation or how long he had had tinnitus prior to the exercise.
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    4. Jonathan717

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      Blood pressure
      Yeah I'm curious to know how long he's had tinnitus and what the severity was. And how he got it. Is there a way to reach out to him?
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    5. Piney

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      March 2018
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      Shingles virus
      If walking cured my tinnitus, I’d say that first and never stand still again.
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    6. Striveon

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      Saaaame, I'd be walking, jumping, jogging, running, dancing, etc 24/7 LOL
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    7. Jcb
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      possible TMJ, came on after severe cold and chest infection,
      I actually watched a similar video last week, they were talking about exercise and walking and randomly said their tinnitus went away but were so casual about it and didn’t explain in regards of volume, cause or the amount of time they had it. Cannot for the life of me find the video now :cautious:
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