People with Presbycusis Ski-Slope Loss, I Have a Question

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keiv, Aug 16, 2015.

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      Do you need to wear earplugs walking on the street, eating in a noisy restaurant 75-80 db, driving, doing grocery shopping, basically daily day-to-day activities do where decibel is 75-80 , do you need to be wearing earplugs because now there is 50 db at 6khz and 70 db at 8khz presbycusis ski-slope loss is it a lot more weaker susceptible vulnerable to a lower decibel intensity to damage it? or still 85 db for 8 hours, therefore you don't need to wear earplugs with this type of loss (aging slope loss) in your day-to-day activities driving, walking on the street, eating in restaurant, shopping?

      Can you tell me what your audiograms is like? is it like a loss of 20 db at 4khz, 30db 6khz, 40 db at 8khz. Do you guys wear earplugs in day-to-day activities?

      I want to ask you that in cases with hearing loss like these 30 db 6khz and 35 db at 8khz. Do you guys still use the same hearing loss guideline by ohsa saying the damage takes 85 db around 8 hours? So for the 30 db at 6khz it will still take roughly 85 db for 8 hours to make it 35 db. And for 35 db at 8khz it will also take roughly 85 db for 8 hours to make it 40 db....As well as 125-5khz, it will take roughly 85 db for 8 hours to make it lower...etc.

      Or are your ears a lot more susceptible and easier to damage at a lower decibel now with the aging hearing loss slope let's say it might take only 80 decibel for 8 hours instead of 85 db for 8 hours to further damage the remaining hearing or maybe 75 decibel can damage it or is it still going to be the same guide by ohsa 85 db for 8 hours?

      How long has your presbycusis ski-slope stay the same or does it generally progresses into the lower frequency 4khz 3 khz 2khz each passing year ?

      Therefore, do you guys wear earplugs in day-to-day environment eating driving shopping, walking in traffic where noise are below 85 db?
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      I think this is a personal decision that no one can make for you. If routine 75db environments are especially damaging to people with existing loss, then there's no good data about it. That doesn't mean it's impossible, it just means that no one has demonstrated that it's the case -- so no one really knows.

      It's also the case that a lot of this is down to genetics and luck; therefore, some people might not take any extra precautions and still not experience any further hearing loss, whereas other people can take all the precautions they want and still experience further loss.

      Your body is going to deteriorate in various ways as time goes on. It's not pleasant, but it's also not avoidable.

      Osha's "8 hours at 85db" guideline will cause hearing damage over time in a majority of people according to the EPA, which sets 75db as the maximum for 24 hour exposure.

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