Perforated Eardrum Caused Responsive Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by medal, Dec 28, 2015.

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      acoustic trauma
      Hello everyone,

      I've been on the forum since a few weeks and it has given me loads of insight on the subject of matter!
      Would be amazing if you could also give me some advice on the issue I'm experiencing at the moment.

      I've had light tinnitus for 7 years already due to a firecracker and never did it bother me until 6 weeks ago... Due to a hand smack on my ear (not the ear were light tinnitus wasn't present) I perforated my eardrum, no loud noise was present at the time. All of a sudden my tinnitus reacts to external sound sources like water or machines for example, which makes it ring loud in my brain (no pain involved) and then it fades away in the background. i also experience a slight zooming in my head.

      Due to the perforation I did lose some of my hearing for 2 till 3 weeks, especially in the lower frequencies.
      Fearing of tinnitus ,because of my other ear, I think my brain started compensating for the missing sounds due to the rupture. After 4,5 weeks my perforated eardrum has healed (checked by a doctor) and my hearing has returned as well, though the responsive tinnitus is still present at certain frequencies (this tinnitus is situated in the brain and not at my ear) and I also sometimes still get a slight zooming in my head.. I think this could be due to recoding of the cells? I think the emotional part played a very big role in this case combined with neuroplasticity because music is my life? Or is just hearing damage?

      I've been to an ear specialist at the hospital who said live with it, the usual phrase:/. I did do a hearing test in the hospital which showed I had no hearing damage... Though, I think these test only go up to 10khz?

      Yesterday I found out that when i notched at 846Hz my responsive tinnitus is almost gone (Older light tinnitus is still present of course). When i hit the tinnitus responsive piano keys, with this notch, I almost don't hear it! I also checked this with a track my tinnitus in the brain is very responsive to and when notched at this frequency it is again almost not noticeable. Is this a good thing you reckon?

      Would nervus vagus stimulation with tailored sound therapy help in this case you reckon? Or is is something completely different than tinnitus?

      I'm hoping to get rid of my responsive tinnitus ,to how it was before , so I can make and play music again. I always treated my ears respectively with hearing protection while going out and checked the decibels while being in the studio.

      Again, thanks for all the help provided on this website!
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      I'm sorry to hear that you are also a victim of firecrackers. Did it explode close by the first time you got tinnitus?
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      acoustic trauma
      @LeQuack Yes I was... Though, my problem I have now has been caused by the perforation

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