Personal Account of Water Soluble Vitamin D Helping My Tinnitus

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      I have had tinnitus as long as I can remember and have adapted to it. It spans a loudness range with very few low periods. My doctor felt that my blood level of vitamin D was very low(22ng/ml) and prescribed a 50,000 IU capsule to be taken monthly. I took one at dinner and regretted it the following morning. My tinnitus was beyond my normal threshold. My fear was, could I learn to live with this louder level if, it was permanent. The fat-soluble vitamin D had built up in whatever tissue responsible for my tinnitus. A similar occurrence had happened once before in my life so I could only hope that in time my body would remove the excess vitamin D. And that is what happened, but it took almost a month.

      After enjoying a few days of low tinnitus, I took a 60 IU vitamin D tablet and was back in the high range for about 5 days. I next exposed myself to about 20 minutes of late August sunlight, hoping the Vitamin D would be form and stay in the fat under my skin. No such luck, another week of tinnitus cleansing. Must I choose between a healthy vitamin blood level or tinnitus? If only there were a form of vitamin D that was water soluble and goes directly into the blood. Well, I found that there is two such forms: micro encapsulation and micellized forms. I am familiar with the latter technology so choose to experiment with that.

      I purchased online, Biosetin Labs micellized aquas vitamin D3, 1200 IU per drop. A research paper using this form stated that 15% of the vitamin D goes into the fat tissue. I used one drop in about an ounce of water. In time, a pattern emerged. Taken at dinner, two days of tinnitus follow, then my tinnitus almost disappears. After 5 days, a blood test revealed my vitamin D level at 44ng/ml. (Healthy range: 30-100ng/ml). Not a bad deal: 2 days of tinnitus, 3 days tiny residual tinnitus in left ear only. This pattern does not occur every time. Sometimes the "no tinnitus" days do not show up. I attribute this to foods which may naturally contain vitamin D (e.g. mushrooms), foods spiked with vitamin D ( e.g. almond milk ), or exposure to sunlight. It would be reasonable to expect some other fat-soluble organics to cause tinnitus. However, with my two experiences now, tinnitus has increased only with repeated ingestion, perhaps exceeding a threshold level value.

      This is my personal account. I also have mild ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and migraines. I asked if others in an AS Facebook group had headaches and got only a few responses, due to fusing of neck vertebrae. When I asked if anyone had tinnitus, there were a large number of positive responses. Perhaps, there are others who react the same as me. Might someone whose tinnitus was brought on by loud noise have his inner ear or brain pathway inflamed so to lower his threshold to vitamin D or some other biochemical? I feel that this is a question worthy of an answer. Right now, there is nothing to offer to reduce tinnitus loudness. Might some people here possibly be helped by trying soluble vitamin D?

      I recently sent this to the American Tinnitus Association, requesting that it be forwarded to interested researchers. I have received a reply that that is being done.

      Vitamin D is a complex topic. One should book up on it, and, perhaps, inform your doctor before experimenting with it.
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