Pinched Nerve, Tinnitus and Prednisone Medpack 5

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by bwspot, Oct 16, 2014.

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    1. bwspot

      bwspot Member

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      I am not sure if this is related but since I started to have problems with ringing I also started to have issues with my neck being tense. Together with the tension I get weird sensations around my eye socket (tingling or eye twitching), tender to touch under the eye, I feel the tooth pain but I was checked and there are no problems with my tooth. Basically it feels like my body is playing nerve games with me. I am not sure if I have a pinched nerve? I went to see Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician and I was prescribed Physical Therapy for my neck to correct my posture and stiffness in my neck. My neck SCM muscle is very tight. I told the doctor about ringing and I was prescribed some muscle relaxers and later I was asked to take the Prednisone medpack 5. Because of your great qualification and history of being the Neurosurgeon (you probably know lots about the nerves), I want to ask you if my nerve could be related to my T somehow? Could I have a pinched nerve? The doctor told me that my cranial nerve could be causing all this? Also, my T is reacting to movements of my head. (left, right or forward)
      I am scarred to take the Prednisone but I have heard people take it and some have some luck.
      Can this medicine cause any serious issues? Could there be any other route to fix the nerve if needed?
      Could this all be connected with Tinnitus?
      What are your thoughts?

    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi @bwspot -

      What are my thoughts? Well, my thoughts are that it seems to me you are still in the process of trying to "figure out" your tinnitus. And in general I have found that to be a losing battle. I guess some folks have been able to do it, but they are very few and far between.

      So at some point the overwhelming majority of folks who have been able to truly overcome their tinnitus come to the conclusion that the key lies in successfully addressing their reaction to their tinnitus rather than in addressing their tinnitus itself. Think about it. If your tinnitus didn't make you feel bad in one way or another (i.e., if your tinnitus caused you no distress whatsoever), then you would still have tinnitus - but you wouldn't have a problem. Well, feeling bad is a reaction!

      Thus, once the (extremely rare) causes of tinnitus have been ruled out, and once the (also rare) "easy fixes" have been ruled out, then those who eventually overcome their tinnitus do so by virtue of their having successfully addressed their reaction. They may not fully realize it, but that's what they have done.

      Hope this helps more than frustrates.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

      PS. Regarding Prednisone, it is an extremely powerful drug with numerous side effects - but taken as a med pack it is quite safe save for possibly making you a bit irritable or jumpy early on.

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