Poll: Do You Have Hearing Loss Registered by an Audiogram?

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, Jan 9, 2018.


Do you have a hearing loss registered on an audiogram (up to 8 kHz)?

  1. Yes, minor

  2. Yes, moderate

  3. Yes, severe

  4. No

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    1. IvanRus

      IvanRus Member

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      Poll: Do you have hearing loss registered by an audiogram?
    2. sandra72

      sandra72 Member

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      may 2014
      Just 20 dB at 4 kHz in left ear. But 4 sounds both ears and loud. Sometimes less loud.
    3. Canadaman

      Canadaman Member

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      Loud bar for two hours + levofloxacin + stress
      I have about 20dB loss around 2000-3500Hz in left ear only.

      But my tinnitus is unilateral and about 12,000Hz. Though sometimes it sound like it's more left-sided.

      I have a separate tone at 3000Hz but it's super quiet and I rarely even hear it. Even the slightest sound masks it so I can only hear it in a quiet room with my left ear on a pillow, for example. Sometimes not then.

      My high-frequency hearing hasn't been tested by a pro but I tested myself and I seem fine up through 12,000Hz at least.

      So yeah, it's confusing to have 12k tinnitus for 3k hearing loss.
    4. AUTHOR

      IvanRus Member

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      Yes, it is likely that based on only the reading of the auditory at limited frequencies (up to 8 kHz), we can not make a full conclusion about the state of the hearing.

      Often the noise can cause damage above 8 kHz.

      But there is not much of an audiogram.
      Which Applications or sites do you use to monitor audiograms at high frequencies?
    5. JasonP
      No Mood

      JasonP Member

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      That is interesting. You should get an extended audiogram because it is possible 12khz hearing aids such as the Signia 7nx could take away some of the noticability of your tinnitus.

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