Poll: Does Eating within 3 Hours Before Sleeping Make Your Tinnitus Louder the Next Morning?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Aug 11, 2021.


Does eating within 3 hours before sleeping make your tinnitus louder the next morning?

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    1. JasonP
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      I was just wondering because I read somewhere where it's best to not eat a meal 3 hours before going to sleep because of the digestion process.

      I was wondering if eating food right before going to sleep would divert blood to the digestive system and allow less blood to other parts of the body during sleep and how that might affect some people's tinnitus (or not).
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    2. SB1981

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      It does for me, but it’s related to reflux. Eating that late and then having the acid come up while sleeping causes me to have worse bruxism and the acid itself may cause irritation.

      I had bruxism and wore a bite guard before tinnitus, but had minimal issues. Since developing tinnitus, hyperacusis, TTTS, ETD and probably some more abbreviations and acronyms I’m forgetting it seems the inflammation in my ears has caused my TMJ to become more inflammatory. So if I wake up with my jaw and ears hurting I know it’s going to be a worse tinnitus & hyperacusis day. More so hyperacusis really. But tinnitus is definitely more elevated by like 1/2 a point to a whole point on a scale of 1/10. Hyperacusis can be like 2-3 points higher in severity.
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