Poll: Have You Had an MRI of the Head?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DavidM, Jul 18, 2014.


Have you had an MRI of the head?

  1. No, because my doctor did not order it

  2. No, because I don't want one

  3. No, because I haven't seen a doctor

  4. Yes, it was completely negative

  5. Yes, it did not reveal the cause of tinnitus, but had other benign incidental findings

  6. Yes, it did not reveal the cause of tinnitus, but had other major findings

  7. Yes, and it revealed pathology related to my tinnitus

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    1. DavidM

      DavidM Member

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      Hello. I am new to this forum and have had ultra high pitched tinnitus since 2008, with a recent serious unprovoked spike that is heavily affecting my daily activities. My ENT will not order an MRI (to rule out an acoustic neuroma mainly, but also other intracranial pathology related to tinnitus). He wants to wait. I'm curious as to how many of you have had this done.
    2. Karen

      Karen Manager Staff Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hi, David,

      I've had an MRI/MRA (with contrast) of the head, and nothing remarkable was found. My doctor ordered this test for me because I have pulsatile tinnitus, which is most often a vascular condition. I think doctors are reluctant to order MRI's for patients with regular tinnitus unless they think there may be other issues involved.
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    3. Gio Makyo

      Gio Makyo Member

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      MRIs are loud even when hearing is healthy. Use plugs if you get one. If suffering from hyperacusis, think twice.
    4. AUTHOR

      DavidM Member

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      bump. Was hoping for a few more responses. My doctor still refuses to order an MRI
    5. Mark662

      Mark662 Member Benefactor

      United Kingdom
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      In my experience MRI scans for tinnitus very rarely show anything. I had one done years ago. Mine is somatosensory too, thinking it was to do with jaw, skull issues. It was completely negative.

      A scan showing electrical activity in the brain would be more interesting, but what can any doctor do about an abnormality with that?

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