Popping ear when laying on side?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Spider, Jul 29, 2013.

    1. Spider

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      when I lay on my right side, my ear pops and whooshes. It worsens when I'm laying and talking. I sometimes but rarely get it in the other ear too. could this be related to the muscle inside the ear?
    2. Deep

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      That's possibly the sound of your Eustachian tube trying to drain. You been swimming recently? My ear has been popping for a week every-time I breath through the nose or move my jaw. I think this was due to a lot of pressure that had built up. Anyway its pretty much gone now. I've been drinking lots of herbal tea, sleeping on the right side so gravity takes its course and drunk 1 "lemsip" which goes against my rules of not taking paracetamol but it also includes a chemical which helps unblock nasal tubes, this could be related.

      Do you suffer from Hyperacusis & T, or just T?

      Also I have just noticed your profile pic.. You skate!?

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    3. AUTHOR

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      Nah haven't been swimming. My nose has been stuffy lately, so I now think it's caused by that.
      I have mild hyperacusis, I think I might have caused that by fearing sound.

      I haven't skated in a long time! Do you?
    4. Deep

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