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      Ive had tin for 15 years an i'm 30 now, it started one day hearing it from a old CRT TV, thank god for tft now with no back sounds.

      The other day I was fast forwarding vhs tapes and noticed my tin went higher, and thought maybe if I recorded it and played it lower it would reverse the effect, so I did research and read about Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, so you guys beat me to it.

      In the UK we only have treatment which is masking the tin. At the moment i'm started taking ginkgo biloba i've heard that can help and reading up on "tinnitus miricale pdf" i'll probably change my diet see if that helps.

      I have also noticed something, if it rains i'll 90% of the time will get a cold. Maybe I need more vitamins or exercises.
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      Loud music
      Welcome. I've only been here a week, but it's a good place for us with T.

      Btw, CRT:s in general usually has a tinnitus-like sound when they're switched on. Are you really sure you got your T from a TV?

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