Positivity for Tinnitus Patients: How to Keep the Mind Happy and Tinnitus at Bay

Discussion in 'Support' started by Catarina, Jan 27, 2014.

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      Since I'm feeling a bit better today, I thought I would be positive and post some things I've found helpful in dealing with my tinnitus. Sorry, no cures, I don't know any of those, just things that make me feel better.

      1. Working out. I try to do a training program most days. I'm no health freak, and it has to be fun, but I definitely think this helps, probably by increasing the circulation in the body but also as a mood raiser.

      2. Yoga. Several yoga exercises are supposed to be good for your ears, and it is excellent for your mental health.

      3. Massage. Ideally from somebody who is trained in tinnitus massage, that can actually help to lower the pitch. But any back, neck and face massage I find loosens my tension and is generally good for me.

      4. Lymphatic massage for the face and ears. I have problems with blocked ears, this is no quick fix but sometimes it helps me pop my ears which eases the pressure and the tinnitus sound. Instructions are available on YouTube. At the very least it is easy, feels quite pleasant and it is free!

      5. Relaxation, meditation etc. We all know this is good for us, but it is also hard. Ironic how much easier it is to be tense than to be relaxed! I'm working on this, seeing a hynotherapist this week who hopefully will teach me some techniques that might suit me.

      6. Acupuncture? I wouldn't discount acupuncture as a treatment, though some do. I went regularly for about 3 years and I got better during this period. It definitely helps you to relax and if nothing else, that is a good thing. But you need to see a properly trained acupuncturist, preferably trained in Asia. And mine told me acupuncture won't help if the tinnitus is due to damaged hearing.

      Don't know if any of this is of use to anybody else, but there it is!
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      Thanks! I'm going to look into the lymphatic massage!
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      Hello everyone.

      How do you all keep in good spirits on the harder days?

      It's been a bit of a grind today.

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