Possible Cause for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Skydra, Jan 22, 2015.

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      -Chronic Sinusitis

      This has been going on since, May 2014. I've tried most of the conservative treatment methods I could think of. (Gonna give Mucinex a try. I hear it works real good. ) Surgery might be my only solution.

      Susposedly sinusitis can cause ETD, which causes ear ringing. That might explain the fluxuations in volume, and constant ear crackling.

      -TMJ Disoder/Sleep Clenching

      TMJ Disorder began around the same time my sinusitis did. I think the sinus pressure is making my face tense, or tenser, and throwing my bite off, from time to time. I suspect sleep clenching goes back as far as, November 2011. A time of great stress. It didn't start causing me great pain, til May 2014.

      As far as I know, I only have TMJ disorder in left jaw, yet I have tinnitus in both ears. The right ear's T is hi pitched, and tends to compete with other noises, but has been known to go away for hours. It sometimes returns while chewing, then quiets down a hour, or so later, and diminishes again. o_O

      Left ear's T is usually very soft, and unnoticeable in most environments. They are times it spikes for whatever reason, and annoys the hell out of me.

      Gonna be looking into TMJ treatment this afternoon. I'll be having the means to pay for it, very soon.

      -Nosy Kitchen

      I really hope, I'm just paranoid. (I suffer from anxiety.) There's nothing I can do about this, right now. :(

      I never been stuck with a bedroom so close to the kitchen before. Could this be contributing to my Tinnitus/hearing loss? I heard fridges are about 40 decibels. Not sure about the heater, I'd say 30 maybe.
      And whenever the washer/dryer running that's about 50 decibels. 85 decibels is the maximum a person
      can handle, for a short duration, and experience no hearing loss. There were times all these things were running, for a entire day. :(

      The fridge, and heater are almost always going, never giving my ears a break. I've been living in this new apartment (with my mother,) since December 1st 2012.

      (I've only mapped out my room, and the kitchen.)

      Green Rectangle = Fridge
      Orange Square = Dryer
      Yellow Square = Washer
      Red Rectangle = Gas Stove/Heater

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      I think you're in a really good position if you have tinnitus that is only intermittent. Mine never goes away no matter what I do.

      I think you're waaaaaay over thinking things. There is no way that stuff as low as 30 db or 40 db can harm your hearing in any way. Those are incredibly soft noises. Noises that soft are completely normal and part of our natural world. I wouldn't worry about them going (two 40 db sounds going doesn't equal 80 db of noise) all at the same time, either. The effect is not cumulative as far as the sound levels go. Welcome to the forum! :)

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