Possible Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chicken, Jun 17, 2013.

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      I keep reading how T can be a "foul" up in the nerve structure of our brain. As I have mentioned previously, mine, I believe, was a TMJ/Somatic issue/injury. My T seems to have changed and sometimes it get real low - but, when I blow my nose, I know this sounds crazy, but the T is real loud for about 30 seconds. I still have some crackling at times when I talk, walk and lay down. But the blowing the nose thing has me baffled--any ideas any one?
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      I just literally got over my ETD today. I was prescribed steroids for 7 days to minimize inflammation. I too got the crackling and louder T when blowing my nose. I also heard the crackling noises when I would swallow or talk.

      There is a test they can do to check if you have ETD. Usually an ENT can eyeball but if you want to be for certain they can do these pressure tests and see if you have it. It's a little tube that they put in your ear that mimics air pressure. You take a sip of water and it measures how much movement is in your ear when you swallow. Mine did not move at all. It was like glued shut.

      My ENT and my Audiologist were keeping their fingers crossed that the ringing in my ear is due to the ETD and not because of loss of high frequency hearing. The ringing did not go away.
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      I don't have any answers but I also experience an increase in my T after blowing my nose (which causes my ears to pop). My ears crackle a lot, and sometimes randomly pop. On my first visit to an ENT I was prescribed a steroid nose spray, which I used for a month and a half. It did not alleviate any of my symptoms.

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