Possible Explanation for Sound Distortions

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Jan 14, 2015.

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      When I listen to the audio with lots of high HIHAT percussion I can hear it perfectly with the right ear, but not with left. When I listen only with left ear then exactly at the time when HIHAT percussion sound appears my ear starts to ring and makes fake sounds instead of me being able to hear the HIHAT percussion.
      This just points to theory that there is a damage to hearing and that's why the sensitivity and fake sounds.
      The brain compensates and produces fake sounds. Is that Dysacusis?

      Edit: Forgot to add that at the same time I experience little pain in the ear.
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      Sorry I didn't reply sooner. With the exception of the pain, what you described happened to me too about 7 or 8 months after T appeared. It also happened on mid frequencies too, not just higher ones. It went away after a few months but it does come back from time to time. It doesn't bother much anymore when it does happen.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Dysacusis (the dys means difficulty with, or abnormality) can be anything from the clicks and thumps of TTTS right through to tinnitus itself, and yes it can apply to that awful frequency distortion.

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