Possible Hyperacusis and TTTS

Discussion in 'Support' started by jonathanvg, Sep 12, 2014.

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      hey everyone,

      i have tinnitus for over 2 years it never bothered me untill last 5 months i experienced tension around my neck and numbness in my cheek and around the ear.
      my ear flutters on my own voice 70% of the time dishes and high sounds but when im in a noise environment 70-80 dbs it stops flutters and i barely notice it, my T react oto all kinds of sounds it never did before i got these new symptoms.
      i went to see a ENT and audiologist the did a hearing test and LDL test the results were that i have a hearing from a 10 year old im 30 now and no hearing loss they did till 8khz my LDLS are between 90-110 so i was shocked with this results

      can anyone tell me why i cant stand dishes and women voices and even my own voice and why my left ear and right ear clicks and give me anxienty

      thx jonathan
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      Noise induced
      If your LDL's were that high, that would mean that you have no hyperacusis. But with these types of hearing problems, I think it can be a little bit more complex. You could probably have hyperacusis to certian frequencies, and those frequencies never got tested in the LDL test, but you can hear them when slamming dishes? You seem to have TTTSm that's for sure.

      I wish I could help you, but I'm in the same boat, but more severe and looking for help myself.
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      thank you for your reply i would like more opinions please
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      Same thing going on with me, my tinnitus is not a problem for me but i get all all the symptoms you described, lots of pain in the ear down the neck. when my t first began i had, i was able to get over it for a while but its back again. I think it has to do with ttts, i get headaches as well.

      Do you have swollen lymph nodes in the neck area at all? And how long have you has this been going on?
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      The ttts symtoms like 5month th numbness in the neck and cheek like 1month

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