Possible Ototoxicity re: Vigamox Eye Drops for Pinkeye (Conjunctivits)

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      Hello, all (mods, feel free to relocate this if it's in the wrong place)

      I have been absent from this site for some time. My T problems greatly reduced after I took Prednisone for two weeks in November 2015. The T didn't disappear, it simply became more tolerable to me. Was able to return to work without any future disruption but I have forsaken all concerts since the onset of T.

      Anyway, I have recently had my first major illness since the onset of T.

      I had an illness which started out as a sore throat with congestion. I was given Flonase (corticosteroid nasal spray). I was oddly afraid to take it (had taken Nasonex for 4 weeks at first onset of T, before taking Prednisone), the symptoms went away on their own. Flash-forward a week...illness returned with a vengeance.--coughing, sore throat & congestion. My dr. prescribed me Ciprofloxacin. When I discovered it was a "cousin" of Levaquin (prime suspect in getting T last year, along with Biaxin XL) I refused to take it. Well, a few days later I developed pinkeye (Conjunctivitis). Doctor prescribed Vigamox eye drops for the eye infection. I have taken three doses of it, but I've just read that I "should tell my doctor/pharmacist if I am allergic to quinolone antibiotics" (which INCLUDE BOTH Levaquin & Ciprofloxacin)!

      It's hard to say for sure, but my T seems to have been more noticeable since the cold returned in full force four days ago-notice it most when sleeping. Not sure if it's increased since I began the Vigamox last night. Should I continue the Vigamox drops to fight the pinkeye infection? Any suggestions are appreciated!

      I'm also currently taking Cheratussin Syrup (Guaifenesin/Codeine) and proair HFA (Inhaler).

      My first REAL scare since coming down with this lousy ailment. Won't be the last, though...

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