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      Tinnitus Talk was started by @Markku in 2011 when he developed severe tinnitus after ear wax removal. Since then, we have grown exponentially and supported those affected by tinnitus all over the world. We don't have any overhead costs like salaries, but we do have recurring expenses related to the website, Tinnitus Talk Podcast, our research surveys, etc.

      We rely on your kind help to keep the lights on. If you've benefited from Tinnitus Talk, support @Markku and @Hazel's work by donating what you can.

      Tinnitus Talk is operated by Tinnitus Hub, a UK-based non-profit organization. You can read our mission statement here.

      All of our staff members are volunteers who have chronic tinnitus. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those with tinnitus.

      Watch the video below to get a sense of our achievements so far. You can also follow our director @Hazel's updates for a more in-depth view of our work.

      Because we believe in transparency, we provided a breakdown below to indicate how your money will be spent. As you can see, we have NO office or salary costs; all donations go directly to keeping this forum up-and-running and carrying out our various projects.

      Our only steady source of income is from individual donations! Currently, our expenditures exceed our income. Please support our work.

      You can also make a difference by signing up as a volunteer. See our volunteering options, and send us a message via our contact form or reach out to @Markku and @Hazel.


      NB: The above costs are rough estimates. Our costs vary quite a lot per year, depending on what kinds of projects we decide to undertake. Also, the above should be considered the minimum amount necessary to keep operating at our current level. There are many additional expenses that would allow us to take our work to the next level, such as:
      • Buying our own professional camera
      • Upgrading to a better SurveyMonkey plan
      • Buying statistical analysis software
      • Hiring professional developers to give our websites a (much needed) overhaul

      Markku, Hazel, and Tinnitus Talk staff
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