Pressure Cooker Sound

Discussion in 'Support' started by Manuel Tissm, Oct 29, 2014.

    1. Manuel Tissm

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      Acoustic trauma
      Hi all,
      My T is in the left ear, but during the night, T appears in the right ear too. The sound in the right ear is totally different, like a pressure cooker sound. Like this: "bru..bru...bru...bru..."
      During the day i can't heard this sound.
      Anyone have these symptoms?
    2. Marlene

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      July 1996
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      Bacterial virus
      Mine today is like a pressure cooker ,both ears ,dropped down when I hoovered ,but again it's clawed it's way back up .Think weather doing it ,terrible here today .Annoying hissing this is. Can't ignore it ,it's a grabber of a day ,due to its loudness .Odd you get it at night I only have it day time ,can be heck of a long day .
    3. Asian

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      4 weeks
      Yes! I had the same faint sound of a pressure cooker. That bru bru bru sound just before its about to whistle..I showed it to my mom when she was cooking and she was like " wow, you must be kidding me" lol

      But that distorted sound completely went away in my case in a couple of months . its now replaced with very faint eeeeeeeee

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