Proof That Some Really Do Listen

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Ed209, Feb 7, 2019.

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      I was told this story yesterday, and it made me laugh so I thought it was worth sharing.

      I was teaching a friend of mine and he said “I’ve got a bone to pick with you”, and I said, “why, what’s up?” He said, “I was at a concert at the weekend and when the support band started playing I started to think about what you were saying about intrusive tinnitus and got freaked out.” He went on to say that he had no earplugs on him and so he resorted to drastic measures and decided to lick a ball of tissue and push it into his ears to block it off somewhat. The problem, however, is his ears must have got a bit sweaty because when he went to check on it he realised it had gone deep into his ear and was no longer retrievable (the way he told me this had me in stitches). He said he had to ask his wife to try and get it out but she couldn’t and so they ended up at A&E, red-faced, but laughing (as he’s a Dr himself [dental surgeon]) and they joked with him saying “how the hell did this happen :LOL:. He said, “I blame Eddie, my music teacher :D

      He said, “after all that and I never even got to see the band!”
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      Oh...that is something @Ed209.

      A friend of mine who is really upper class both in fashion and travel had this happen.

      So she carries an expensive bag Bergmen? Not sure of the spelling but a handbag that costs over 10k and is popular among the Beverly Hills elite women....and dressed in a similar expensive outfit.

      She boarded a plane, of course in first class, put in her earbuds listening to music and sat back. When she arrived at her destination a few hours later she could not get the earbud out of her ear canal. The pressure in the cabin while landing expanded her inner ear. So there she is all dressed in expensive attire with the handbag and this wire stuck in her ear.

      The flight crew called for an ambulance to take her to the first ER hospital in New Jersey. She had to sit there for hours with GSW patients and very sick people who of course were more important.

      Hours later the ER staff had to remove the earbud with surgical devices.

      I am sorry but it made me laugh thinking about her in all her expensive stuff in a rather not so nice ER with a wire sticking out of her ear.

      Of course it could have been more serious. I explained that to her. Tinnitus and hyperacusis and earplane plugs... wasn't important to her.
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      That’s an interesting story, Starthrower, and rather funny. Nobody is immune to making an idiot of themselves.
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      Too bad she hasn't tried using tweezers to pull the earphone out.

      I have had an earplug getting pushed in too deep into my ear (this was years before I got tinnitus) that I was unable to pull out until I tried using tweezers.

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