Psychological Triggers for Hyperacusis/Sound Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ilija, Feb 17, 2015.

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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      3 days ago I went to a friends house, we laughed quite loudly and I thought to myself how this will most likely spike my Tinnitus and so it did.
      The spike was weird took a nights sleep to manifest, I firstly noticed a spike in the ear that absorbed the laughing if you will, so this got me worried really bad, like first days of Tinnitus bad.
      To be honest the last 3 months haven't been good to be, I've had more weird sounds added (fridge now makes noises,boiler makes noises,heater makes noises) and a small spike in my left ear.
      Then yesterday I had an attack, this only happened once before.
      I got a spike in my right ear, was the left one first time this happened, and just like before certain sounds activated a reactivity and thus my produces some more of it's wonderful undertones to normal sounds.
      I tried sleeping it off but the stress is still there and so is the reactivity.
      It's not as present, it's really in the backround but I can't help and think about it and monitor it and as I do I find that even typing right now produces some weird undertone in the back of my head.

      I'm really worried, I accept that tinnitus is here to stay until otherwise proven, I accept that I will maybe not get rid of some undertones, on the plus side I got rid of a big one just by not thinking about it which I took as proof that is is a heavily psychological case for me, but I don't know if I can handle the fact that some ordinary sounds as keyboard typing or rinsing off with a towel or the shower running produce some weird undertones.

      Maybe it's just the stress, the last 4 days I've spent only monitoring, thinking about it, worrying, haven't seen my friends, haven't talked to anyone, just sit monitor get anxiety and finally sleep.
      Maybe once I get back to school it'll leave me.

      This was more of a self assessment, type of deal but if any of you have any opinions I'd love to hear them.

      The worst part is it's my fault, could have brought earplugs and avoid all this but no I had to think it wouldn't be a problem, I am currently in all forms a wreck, a self loathing angry anxious burned out tired mess It's like I don't want to get better, every time I've spiked it could have been avoided by earplugs, right now I wouldn't have to worry about stupid **** like undertones if only I had worn earplugs but no.
      Then there's the entrance exams for college, the fact that I'm scared what my life will look like in the next year forget five years, I don't even know if I will see five years and this is all turning out to be looking like the end of the line for me.
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      Loud shit
      I think we shouldn't worry what will be in 1 year or 5 years from now. Just protect The ears in these types of situations, eventually hope that we will stop worrying about this t and it will fade into the subconscious.

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