PTSD Before Tinnitus

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Did You Have a Major Traumatic Event in Your Life Before Your Tinnitus Started?

  1. Yes, less than 6 months before

  2. Yes, 6-12 months before

  3. No

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    1. gary

      gary Member Benefactor

      Macomb, MI. USA
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      Who Knows
      Trying to see if there is any correlation between when T started and a traumatic event in you're life, and what was the time span between trauma and T.

      My T started three months after a 4X open heart surgery.
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    2. LadyDi

      LadyDi Member Benefactor

      Florida, USA
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      Damage to my inner ear as a result of barotrauma on a long-distance airplane flight, sparked by eustachian tube dysfunction, caused my tinnitus, I believe. (although not every doctor I have seen agrees. But most do).

      However, I had gone through three years of incredible stress prior to this incident, due to rolling lay-offs and increased demands at work. I believe while barotrauma pulled the trigger on my tinnitus, extreme stress loaded the gun.
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