PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Oct 7, 2016.

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      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder comes after being exposed to a terrible event. In World War I it happened to some soldiers and was called "Shell Shock". Interestingly though, not all soldiers got shell shock but witnessed the same thing. In fact, the majority did not. Just like most people that have tinnitus are not obsessed by it.

      Perhaps our brains are in such a way that we are susceptible to PTSD and the tinnitus is are traumatic event but for others not a big deal. I had depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts before T and perhaps I would be upset over something else.

      What do you guys think?
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      I think you make an interesting observation regarding PTSD and tinnitus.

      A while back I was in a group of PTSD people. But I was the only one with tinnitus. It can be a vicious circle to get out of. We all had experienced the same trauma event. Some people never recovered and they seemed to reject getting beyond the event and moving on with life. Eventually, I had to leave the group. I had to move on after about a year.

      It was a murder/suicide group if that makes it a bit clearer of the severity we each suffered.

      My observation? It was almost like tinnitus recovery. Shock. Brain noise (memory). It never leaves. It is there constantly. How can someone honestly say just get over it? Ignore it?

      We each sort of find a way out. And life goes on. It is possible.
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      My condolences
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      Thank you gotyoubynuts. : ) User name made me smile.

      I just find the topic of interest. PTSD is a physical condition with many different levels of trigger points which can just come out of no where. The trigger could be a word or a nano-second experience of some sort.

      The experience is in your mind and never leaves. For me it is like seeing a black and white movie on an old reel system where you hear the click click click as the picture continues.

      A lot like tinnitus. It is always there.

      Depending on the severity in either case therapies vary for each individual.

      My life is fairly normal now though. There are triggers for both but I can manage it now.
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      As for myself I've had Tinnitus for 45 years. It was a nusciance I've dealt with all of my adult life. I've had bouts of depression, trouble sleeping neuro- physio problems that have been treated by doctors. None have asked about the constant ringing in my ears as a source of complicating medical conditions. I would hope the Medical community starts to make Tinnitus part of their clinical observations when diagnosing neurological conditions. I've had events happen that I believed were sources of PTSD but doctors then were just starting to clinically recognize PTSD as a legitimate disorder then. Not even events during Katrina were considered significant enough to get a diagnosis as PTSD at that time. I believe our disorder has many clinical ways, beyond the constant ringing, it effects us.

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