Pulsatile Tinnitus — Prednisolone — Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Support' started by peterjames, Sep 29, 2016.

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      Hi guys

      Advice please. Am throwing everything but the kitchen sink at my screaming pulsatile tinnitus and wanted some advice. My T came via a virus which came via a sinus infection. When it first hit and the T hit me (like a sledgehammer) I went straight onto nasal sprays and prednisolone for a week. This didn't touch the sides and made no impact.

      I wonder if its worth me asking the doctor to prescribe another stronger course for a week? My theory is that if the virus was in full force when I first took the PRED, that maybe now its further down the line it would be more effective.

      Anyone got any ideas on this or whether its a waste of time? I would also like to know if anyone can recommend any anti viral drugs I can speak to the doctor about?

      Any advice gratefully received

      Many thanks
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      First, make sure your T is indeed virus induced. Get a hearing test as well as an ear pressure test from an ENT. They chased my T for a month as an ear infection. And while an ear infection may have been the "trigger", the cause of my T was actually TMJ (so maybe my ear infection made me grind my teeth more, which put the TMJ joint over the edge).

      So for a month I was also doing ear drops, nasal sprays and even a packet of PRED for a week, which obviously didn't do anything since they were chasing the wrong problem. It wasn't until I had a hearing test and an inner ear pressure test that the decision was that while I may have had an early ear infection, my T was being caused by something somatic.
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      IF prednisolone works, then I believe it only works at any early stage.

      I also developed my tinnitus after what was a pretty trivial virus infection in all other aspects. (Bit of a stuffy nose and blocked tear duct). This silly little virus managed to gum up my Eustachian tubes permanently and leave me with permanent loud hissing tinnitus and PT.

      Because I have glaucoma I was not able to use decongestants or prednisolone. I DO think it worthwhile trying a short high dose course of steroids, though, but only at the outset. same goes for anti-viral drugs....for respiratory viruses they really only work at the outset.

      It is a good idea to get checked out for other (remediable) causes for your tinnitus (sinusitis causes tinnitus,for example).

      You don't say how long it is since your infection.....tinnitus often lags behind the other symptoms in clearing up in infections.

      Whatever, I wish you good luck.


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