Pulsatile Tinnitus — Still Unidentified Cause

Discussion in 'Support' started by Magik, Jan 14, 2016.

    1. Magik

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      Hello everyone. I think I got this for some years, but for the last one I became suspicious - I just wanted to know the cause. Got the PT only on my right ear and can hear it when I lay down or when I'm sitting.
      I'm 23 old healthy male, been an active athlete all the time since 2001. I'm weightlifting these days, nothing serious as I'm 65kgs.
      Went to the 2 neuro's, they didn't find anything on the physical exam. However, one of them did a doppler ultrasound of my arteries - nothing found.
      Went to ENT - nothing significant found. About my PT - he said it's nothing serious. No CT/MRA tests performed (unnecessary according to them). No hearing loss.
      Went to the dentist - Bruxism found, also troublesome wisdom tooth eruption on the side of my PT (possible dental cyst).
      Also did a ECG - everything OK, my pulse is about 95 (when I was a bit more professional athlete we did these tests once a year, and they were OK as well). Blood pressure is alright. Blood counts normal. No viral diseases, no nothing.

      About the PT - if it was some vascular trouble (and it was serious) would it be more, major signs? I've noticed that when I'm in the gym and train hard, or when I'm jogging, I never notice my PT, or any vein/artery pressure there. Could it be some artery/vein issue (serious) then? Could it be anything serious and I just lived with it for years? If it was something serious how could I possibly pump regularly at the gym and train all these years, without having a sign?
      I'm at middle of nowhere, maybe I should visit another neuro?
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      Hi Magik

      I would get an MRI/A of your head and neck so that they can rule out anything sinister. There are many people on this site that have been through all of the testing and are still left with without an answer. That may be the case for you as well, but at least you'll know that there isn't anything serious going on.

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      No idea - yet!
      I agree with RYan. I am sure there is nothing serious going on but at least an MRI would help ease your mind. I can't believe your neurologists have said this is unnecessary. I'm in the UK and an MRI for one-sided tinnitus is considered essential.

      I have heard my pulse in my right ear for many years, like a whooshing noise, and I just thought everyone heard it. I mentioned it to my GP and she referred me to an ENT specialist and I had an MRI with contrast last FRiday. I get my rests Saturday and I am quite scared tbh. Hopefully nothing will have been found, but you do need one doing just incase there's anything going on. Your ears are so close to the brain so best to rule things out.

      Get an appointment with anothe neurologist and demand more tests, for your own peace of mind x
    4. Karen

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      I agree with Ryan, too. I had those tests, and they at least helped me rule out anything dangerous. I still have pulsating, and no answers, but at least I have some peace of mind. It would be good for you to try another doctor to see if they will order the tests. That's what I did, to get a second opinion, and I'm glad I did.

      Magik, one thing I noticed in your introduction above. You mentioned that your pulse is 95. Is it always that high? Mine averages about 58. What did your doctor say about it, and could that be related to your pulsating?

      Please do keep us posted on what happens, if you do decide to go to another doctor for those tests.

      Best wishes,

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