Pulsatile Tinnitus in Right Ear from Pillow Suction

Discussion in 'Support' started by Layla23, Aug 14, 2018.

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      I posted a thread a few days ago about how I had my right ear on my pillow and when I turned my head... some suction I guess between my ear and pillow were formed and my ear popped and started to ring immediately (but went away after a second or two).

      Fast forward, now I hear pulsatile tinnitus whenever I lie down in that ear or when I move a certain way.

      Could suction from a pillow really cause pulsatile tinnitus? I’m so freaking confused.

      I already have severe reactive tinnitus and hyperacusis from an acoustic trauma. I don’t know ANYTHING about pulsatile tinnitus. Could I have really damaged myself?
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      I've had tinnitus since 2001 and was brushed off by an ENT telling me there was no cure and I just needed to deal with it.

      I bought a tempur-pedic foam cervical pillow in 2017. In 2018, my tinnitus got worse. In January 2019, I kept waking up during the night due to some kind of noise. Then while laying on the pillow during the day, I found out what the noise was. When I lift my head, there is a suction and I hear a loud bang/popping noise. I honestly believe this type of foam pillow wreaks havoc on those of us with tinnitus. The suction has to be the reason for my increased noise in my left ear. I'm going to find another pillow that is not foam. Right now, I've laid a towel over it and it stops the loud bang. If these type of foam pillows cause further long term damage, I have no idea. Once I get another pillow, I will see if it reduces the noise level I'm having right now. And, stops the loud pop. I've also noticed pain in my left ear. Especially, when I'm around loud noises.

      I saw in another forum where someone suggested a Perilymph fistula? But, dizziness is usually accompanied with it. But, it is cause by pressure changes, such as scuba diving. To me, pressure change could be possible with this type of pillow?

      I hope together we find answers.
      I hope the best for you,

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