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Discussion in 'Support' started by DebInAustralia, May 24, 2014.

    1. DebInAustralia

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      Hello everyone,

      I am worried. When I bend over, exerting pressure on my head, I think? I can hear my heartbeat very faintly. It completely disappears when I resume an upright position. Is this normal or should I be concerned and get medical attention? I used to hear my heartbeat sometimes when I would wear ear plugs ( before t awareness) but never thought anything of it. Now that I have had t for 6 months, im paranoid about every little noise!

    2. ashley

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      Hi! I'm the same way-- I get very paranoid about everything I hear because of my tinnitus too. I think a lot of us can relate to you in that way. :)

      It sounds like nothing serious to me, but just wondering, have you had your Eustachian tube tested? If it is ET dysfunction, which it sounds like it has a possibility of being so {hearing your heart beat, having the sound sensation change when you lower your head, etc}, usually a decongestant can help. :) If your ET is fine and you think it's pulsatile tinnitus, I wish I had more I could say to help.. but everything will be okay! Chin up, and know we are all here to support you!
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    3. jchinnis

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      This is normal. It's also normal to hear one's pulse at other times, such at with certain positions when lying down or when straining to lift something.
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    4. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
      As the others have said it is normal. I can hear my heartbeat when I lay my head on a pillow...I don't take this as bad, the fact my heart is beating is good news! ;)
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    5. Karen

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      Being able to hear your heartbeat, softly in the background, when lying down is normal. With pulsatile tinnitus, however, mine was so intense in the beginning that I could time my pulse by it --- and that's when I was awake and walking around! It was like an incessant drumbeat in my head, and when I would lie down, it was almost unbearable. I tried sleeping sitting up, etc., and nothing worked. During the day, it would whoosh whenever I turned my head, or exerted any effort at all. It was close to totally unbearable at all times.

      Now, four years later, the pulsating is still there, but it is not as bothersome. I can sleep most nights these days, and I can distract myself from it at least some of the time. When you have pulsatile tinnitus, it's pretty unmistakable! I hope I've explained what it's like, at least a little bit.
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    6. Laura89

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      Feb 14, 2014
    7. cullenbohannon

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      When I was getting of my bloodpressure meds I had pt for about 2 weeks. But it's gone I still can hear my heart beat especially working out or playing sports. Sometimes when iim in bed or have an increase in pressure in my head or neck area. I think you had it right about your paranoia. It can make you stress about sounds not worth stressing over.
    8. AUTHOR

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      Thankyou everyone for your responses.

      I guess I need to take a chill pill! I have spoken to my dr and audiologist as well; both of whom agree this is normal and it isn't an indication that I am going on to develop pt on top of what I already have to deal with!

      I really appreciate the time all of you have taken to write to me. Your reassurances have really helped me so a big THANKYOU and HUGS to all of you X
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