Pulsatile Tinnitus Started from a Cold

Discussion in 'Support' started by PTNewbie, Jan 14, 2020.

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      I had a virus/cold about 6 weeks ago and on day 2 and 3 I heard pulsing in my right ear when I laid down to do to sleep. It was gone when I woke in the morning and didn't come back... Until my current cold where it started again on day 4 and the only time it stopped was after my shower today, but it came back again about an hour and a half later and hasn't stopped. I've had tinnitus in both ears for about a decade but have adapted well to it. This is a totally different experience and it is so distracting! I am on antibiotics for the past 2 days but don't notice any change, it is constant. And strangely, burping makes the pulsing louder and stronger temporarily. Also I seem to be able to feel the pulsing on the side of my ear

      Please help with any suggestions... Is this permanent or temporarily caused from the cold? Has anyone experienced this particular see of symptoms/onset?

      Thank you for any help or advice you have!
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      sounds like high pressure, take some dayquil, nyquil, or sudafed. im sure my pt goes loud when i burp. It took me years to discover my PT lowers when I push my jaw toward my chest.
      it took me 8 mos to be ok with it.
      it wld come n go, that was the hard part. somehow u even get use to that.


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