Pulsatile Tinnitus When I'm About to Fall Asleep or Wake Up Briefly

Discussion in 'Support' started by ThinkP05, Jan 31, 2023.

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      This past week, I started having pulsatile tinnitus symptoms. I noticed it when I was lying in bed when I was drifting in/out of sleep and when i would wake up briefly. Loud hard whooshing sound in my left ear.

      I read somewhere that if pressing on the left neck/artery area, it should stop but I tried it last night and it didn't do anything.

      About 3 months ago, I had a carotid intima–media thickness test done overseas and the doctor mentioned in the results: "Borderline atherosclerotic change in in Lt bulb".

      I came back to the United States and had a few carotid artery ultrasounds and was told that there's no evidence of plaque/building in my artery and that all measurements/results look normal. Cardiologists mentioned that intima thickness isn't clinically relevant.

      I've had a brain MRI in the past year and nothing was found, except a very minor venous malformation in the brain.

      I'm kind of stuck/lost as far as what I should be doing next. I understand i should see a interventional neuroradiologist but what type of tests should I be taking?

      I'm kind of worried. Is this a potentially serious issue?
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      Why did you have a test done on your carotid arteries? Because of the transient pulsatile tinnitus or some other reason?

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