Question About Tinnitus Caused by Loud Music Exposure

Discussion in 'Support' started by josh77, Feb 4, 2016.

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      It occurred during a 3 day concert in July. Affects mostly my left ear. This is what happened next...

      1.For several months was slight ringing but didn't effect my day to day life and I could still ignore it to sleep. It did annoy me but it wasn't "life changing bad"

      2. Early November I had a dentist appointment to fill cavities in my my lower left mouth. #17 and #18

      My tinnitus was progressively getting a bit worse but it seems after the dental work was when it really got bad. Just wonder how much of the blame was on the dental work. I know this is just a "best guess' type question but still looking forward to some thoughts from you guys.
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      not known, too many possible causes
      My best guess is that all the blame is on the noise of the dental work, transmitted to you ear either via air, or via bone conduction of the sound vibrations, or both. And maybe the dental work changed your bit a little, which puts extra strain on your temporaro mandibular joint, which can cause or increase the T.

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