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Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, Sep 9, 2014.

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      Hello @Dr. Nagler,

      I have had Hyperacusis since January, and have been using the pink noise cd from the Hyperacusis network since early June. My LDLs at that time were 68-72. I used to have the TTTS symptom of the fluttering in the ear upon hearing certain sounds, sometimes my voice included...but it wouldn't last very long. Sometimes it happened in the morning or night.

      As I my LDLs were raising (at least I assumed they were), my ears started to not feel the burning pain I would get less and less, and I was able to tolerate a lot more. Also when my ears did seem to get "hurt" and be painful after a sound, they would stop being painful in a couple hours, or after a hot shower.

      Last Thursday I went through a hell of a day with sounds, the kicker being a VERY loud car (possibly broken muffler) racing on down my quiet side street as I was outside. It must of been well over 100db. My boyfriend who has no ear problems even touched his ears afterwards saying that it was very loud and made his ears pop.

      I since have not been the same, I have a few hellish days with a level 8/10 pain, and now I have an annoyance of pain with the fluttering. The fluttering is constant though. At everything. I have never experienced the fluttering this much, and am pretty nervous about it.

      Do you think that this will this go away as ears recover from that setback?
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      Hi @demi -

      Setbacks such as the type of thing you describe are the rule rather than the exception. In fact, they're almost unavoidable! I would not be overly concerned.

      Hope this helps -

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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      Loud noise
      @demi I agree with Dr.Nagler. These things happen and are unavoidable.
      The more you are anxious the worse the fluttering. So live your life and walk the streets knowing that every setback is temporary and will only strengthen your ears in the long run.
      Challenge yourself to do the things that "normal" people do everyday, and you will reap the results.

      All the best
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