Questions about Possibly of Tinnitus Improvement

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Wil, Dec 9, 2014.

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      Noise induced by gun
      Hello to everyone! I have had tunnitus now for four months due to noise induced hearing loss from a gun shot. I have seen the audiologist who made me go through intratampanic steroid perfusion about eight weeks after the incident. I have seen improvement as far as hyperacustics and pain but hardly any improvement as far as tinnitus. Any ideas on how long it may take for tinnitus improvement, if at all? Audiologist said it should help with the tinnitus but I'm not so sure since I see a lot of things out there that say this is not effective after two weeks. Also, anyone know of any studies done that show any improvements in tinnitus after four months (or any timeframes for that matter)? I've done a lot of searching for it but can't much. I have hearing loss at 6000 hertz though it seems like I can still hear pretty well most of the time. Any responses are definitely welcome!

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