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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jon B, Mar 10, 2018.

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      Hi guys, I have a question about QuietOn's earplug.

      They claim to reduce low frequency sounds like bass, heavy traffic sounds and airplane noises by an active process. The earplugs blocks sounds and then transmits high and mid frequency sounds into your ear, therefore actively blocking low frequency sounds - that I have a big problem with.

      However, they come at a price. 179 euros for a pair of airplugs that you could drop and lose at a moments notice. Amazon also gives them very mixed reviews (some horrible, some great) for performance. To be fair, those reviews concern their ability to help non-Tinnitus people sleep, rather than us T-challenged folk.

      QuietOn website:
      Popular mechanics review:

      Anyone of you fellow noiseheads have experience with this product? €179 is a lot of diñeros for me at the moment, but being able to filter out low frequencies effectively, would do wonders for my social life at the moment. They seem similar to the Bose Hearphones.

      Opinions, ideas? I'm very interested in this product.
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      Don't they have like a little rope around them?
      I work in a noisy area and we always get earplugs with a little rope attached to them that you can wear around your neck. This makes it very hard to lose them inside of the factory. Actually you could then tie that rope to like your cap and you will for sure never lose it.
      It does depend if you wear a cap all day thow. If your not into wearing caps then allas. Just to give you my 2 cents.

      Interestic product btw, I might check them out sometime.
      179 Euro's also could get you custom made fitting earplugs btw.

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