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      I've had tinnitus since the late 70's. I suspect it was chainsaws and diesel equipment noise, which damaged my inner ears. But the beast had not reared its ugly head until I had a viral inection about a year ago.
      Now I'm 6000Hz at 45-100 decibels 24x7. Sleep is impossible without medication, 2mg Lorazepam/Ativan.
      I now have a hearing aid, which improves my hearing and distracts from the Tinnitus slightly.
      The only hope for a normal life is a neurological breakthrough by someone focusing on brain stimulation for volume control.
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      Welcome to the forum ralph j.
      Two words your typed caught my eye, volume control. Volume control of T would help a lot. I don't know about brain stimulation. Anyway that no sleeping comment, I can relate too. Welcome.

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