Random Ear Spasms Followed by Significantly Quieter Tinnitus (Temporarily)

Discussion in 'Support' started by CB7x, Feb 14, 2021.

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      Does anyone else have random or occasional ear "spasms" for lack of a better explanation, then the tinnitus gets significantly quieter or goes away for a brief time before coming back? If so, what is this?

      I don't really understand it, but once or twice a week I get this weird feeling in my ears, sometimes it's like a drum softly beating for a second or two, sometimes it just sounds or feels different than normal for a moment (pressure?), then my tinnitus quiets down significantly for a moment. I just experienced it a few minutes ago and I think my tinnitus went silent. I wanted to plug my bad ear to check if it was still there but I was enjoying the moment too much to risk cutting it short. At the time I was just sitting down relaxed and reading online with music playing at low volume, so hard to tell if it really went away entirely, but it seemed like it did.

      The silence, or as close to it as I could tell, lasted just over a minute and was heavenly. Just as suddenly as it stopped, my tinnitus came back at baseline level. If I listen for it I can hear it clearly now over the music in the background, but this is interesting as I've never experienced this with complete silence.

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