Random Earaches, Normal Body Temperature?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Xstyle, Feb 13, 2015.

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      Hey, do you guys have any idea if random mild ear aches at random times throughout some days is related to anything? I just went to the doctor and my blood pressure & body temperature were normal. My tinnitus is noise induced from a nightclub.

      My t has gotten much better in one month. I got it on the first day of a 2 week long vacation throughout the USA (from aus) with a bunch of mates. Talk about a buzzkill. Everyone else had it till the next day except for mine. And yes I was stupid enough to go the next night again! I didn't even notice it until 2 weeks later seeing a broadway show and an ambulance siren at full blast was brutal. It didn't hit me until then that this shit hasn't gone away yet and finally bought ear plugs.
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      Not being smart but those random ear aches are probably related to your over the top noise exposure in that really loud nightclub that caused all of your friends ears to ring!

      I hope it all settles down for you in the coming weeks, avoid clubs for a while tho or maybe forever

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