Important Read Me Before Sending a Question to a Doctor

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    1. The Doctors here are giving their time freely, they will answer all that they can in the time they have. Please be patient.

      Our aim is to build on the public knowledge base and help dispel myths around treatments; it isn’t intended as a substitute for any kind of personal support.

      Please remember that the Doctor won't be able to comment on any individual case; it's just not possible to do that without a proper consultation.

      You will only see your own questions in the Ask a Question section. You can't view others' questions before they are answered and moved to the Doctor's main section.

      Before deciding which doctor you would like to send your question to, please read their bios and areas of expertise from the below links:

      Material on this site is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice - you should always see your doctor and/or medical professional.
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Thread Status:
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