Rebooting the Human Brain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Giovanni, Mar 11, 2015.

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      Woke up one morning.
      Similar to amnesia if a human were to suddenly experience a brain reboot. And wipe clean, would the tinnitus be perceived differently by your "rebooted brain" and somehow your brain would not be able to hear it? It's something I would always think of because I was at the local hospital. And overheard Audiologists talking about it.
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      We can hear the T is it because we still remember we have T?

      If we have totally forgotten about T does that mean we will not hear it?

      We always hear people say "I don't hear it until someone mention about it."
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      Wonder if going into a coma under hospital care would induce a reboot.
    4. 1MW
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      2008 but cured and relapsed from benzos
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      I have drugs for coma and i did this test.
      I used for about 5 days propofol at dose before coma no T no H no functioning.
      Propofol when is in you blood T & H does not exist goes to zero but also other functions does not exist.
      After wake up extreme insomnia and of course worse T.

      Also i see i person about 20 years old which had motorcycle accident he was 3 months to intensive care unit. After that had partially amnesia and severe T. He was at coma about 1 month in intensive care unit.

      I don't hear until someone to remind me is 0.5/10 T if you have severe T you hear it and with 100db masking noise and you hear it every second without to remind you someone.
      This time i have T that to hear it must someone to remind me but before 14 hours i had severe T and i hear it in the car in walking a busy street at running water etc.
      the improvement i have now is from drugs(steroids+rtg+benzo) and is temporary will not last more than 1.5 day.

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