Recurring Tinnitus 15 Years Later

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      Hi all,

      I first got T way back in 1998 (29 years of age). Approximately 8 years prior to that (21), I was in a punch up and got smacked on my left ear, causing a temporary eardrum perforation and T. It healed and left after a week or so. The only thing I was left with was hypercusis (sensitivity to high frequencies). It never bothered me. The occasional screeching of brakes would irritate it but nothing more than that. I am a part-time musician and one night (8 years later) we were playing excessively loud. The next day, the T was back. Not constant but enough for me to be concerned about. At the end of that year, I was overseas and went to a rock concert. After that night, T set in for good.

      That started me down the road of T. GPs, ENTs, hearing clinics, audiologists, neurologists, specialists, laser therapy, spritualists, homeopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychics, pills, psychologists, psychiatrists, accupunturists, maskers... Have I left anything out?

      The answer was learn to live with it. The first year I was suicidal. I gym'd and exercised like crazy. My sleep was affected. I became insomnic. My concentration and energy levels diminished. Anti-depressants and sleeping pills. The accupuncturist weened me off the pills. I don't know when exactly but at some point, the T became less invasive. Perhaps acceptance? All i know is for the last 14 years, my T was not an issue. Yes, my sleep was still poor but I was able to function ok. I guess it naturally habituated in my left ear.

      Then in October last year (43), I stupidly went along to a loud music event without hearing protection. The next day I woke up with T in both ears. 4 months later and I'm going through this all again. Technology has come a bit further. Now I have the Zen Widex hearing devices, which is some sort of relief and external locus of control. I've been doing my research on the forums and net, like I am sure most of you have.

      I've seen an audiologist. My left and right ear has hearing loss at 8khz about 60db. My left ear, also slight about 20db at 4khz. I'm told that my T matches my 8khz hearing loss. I have seashell, sssshhhhhh, type T. I'm doing CBT with a clinical psychologist. Doing some exposures. Possibly a T support group to start up. Last week I had 3 really bad T days. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being terrible, then they were 9. The rest of the days, 5, 6 or 7.

      I've been reading about LLLT again and wondered if that might work to fix the hair cells. I know I did some laser therapy last time. I'm really just trying to repeat what I did last time and hope to get the same habituated results. I am taking an anti-depressant to ward off the depression. What is really bothersome this time around is the vertigo. I am taking Serc for it. One in teh morning, one at night. It helps somewhat. Can anyone comment on V with T and what they did to get that right?

      Pills I have tried: Gaba, NAC, Vit B12, ALA, Gluathione, CoQ10, Zinc, Mag. At the moment I've cut out everything except the Gaba. I thought I was getting dizzy frrm the pill overload. However, I stopped everything and was still dizzy, so its not the pills. Now all I am taking is the anti-depessant, a multi-vit, Omega 3, an anti-oxidant Serc, Mag and now the Gaba. I'll slowly introduce the others. At night I take some sleep supplements - all herbal or homeopathic. Still not getting great sleep. Saw an accupuncturist but i find after the session, the back of my head throbs. So i'm not going to continue I don't think.

      The best thing I think for me would be to get good sleep. That helps the T. At the moment tho, I am getting about 4 to 5 hrs per night. I'm trying to remain stress free and exercise almost every day (gym, cycling, surfing, kite surfing, cardio, weights, yoga). I've started seeing a hypnotherapist that does EFT. If the sleep is poorer than normal, then sometimes T sets in for the day. Then it is hell and life is impossible.

      So i've cancelled all social planned events in case i can't make it i.e. if T is a 9. I can't see any other way of going forward until I get this f***er habituated. So its work and sleep and exercise. T really does box you in. I know the forums say get out and about. But when T is loud and V is there, I would prefer to either be exercising or chilling at home. Being out and about can be stressful with V, which makes the T worse, which adds stress, which makes T worse again. Its just not worth it right now.

      Any posts / recommendations / break throughs / struggles you wish to share, pls let me know?

      I am glad to have found this site.


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